sábado, 21 de julho de 2007

Como simplificar a vida?

Eu sabia! Aqui está o resultado:
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You're a career-oriented person who's not afraid to log some long hours to get the job done — and done right. Your peers admire your drive and creativity and nothing feels better than hearing your boss or clients compliment your work. But, you know, if you glance out a window for a minute, you'll notice that there's a whole world going on out there, and you just might be missing a lot of it.

While it's great that you're so committed to your career, you've got to make sure you're not forgetting about friends, family, and fun. We know you've got bills to pay and goals to attain, but don't make work your whole life. And if you just can't figure out a way to scale back your hours, then at least make sure you're planning a nice vacation — without your laptop or cell phone.

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