quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2008

3 Chouriços (prometo que é o último)

pelo menos por hoje... espero... raios parta que tenho de deixar este vício!!

Take this test!

Rrowr! What would life be without you? Brazen, intelligent, and not afraid to say whatever (and we mean whatever) is on your mind, when it comes to being fearless — you're the real thing. While some things that come out of your mouth may make your friends a little uncomfortable, it's fun to stir the pot sometimes and get a reaction. And that's half the reason you do it!

At first glance you come across as quite the wild child, but you're not just a sexpot. Your closest friends get to find out that you've got a big heart underneath those hot, hot clothes and a great head on your shoulders. With that killer combo, there's no way you won't get everything you want. What a firecracker!

2 comentários:

wednesday disse...


Homens cuidado:P

Margarida disse...

sua maluca, heim? Com que então a Samantha!!!

Este tb vou fazer, eu era absolutamente viciada no Sex and the City!