sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2009

Foi-me apresentada

Uma banda nova:


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music and lyrics disse...

Eu gosta est banda. Ella e uma Portugesa, ella fica 14 anos. Eu gosta.

Tasha disse...

O meu nomme e Natasha Duarte eu canto e escrevo music e palavares para esta banda A Bad Days Goodnight. Eu vivo na Australia. Obrigado para o video. Aqui esta palavares de cancao TIM. Pode ver o meu perfil na Obrigdo.

This song was written as an upbeat happy song about our
Very first band supporter, his name is TIM.

Every days the same
I want to be more than friends
But things never change
So many opportunities
To show you how much you mean to me
But I can never say
The words I want to say.

Its all happened before
Like yesterday and the day before

Cause when I see you smile
It lights up my day
All bad fades away
No more skies of grey
And when I am with you
Theres so much I want to say
But it never comes out the right way
I love you is that okay.

Why do I melt inside
When I look into your eyes
You’re the only thing that matters
Why do I stumble when I see you come by
I always do something stupid just at the right time.

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh

Songwriting by : Natasha Duarte©
Performed by: A Bad Days Goodnight